XXL Milka chocolate bar with name

26 £



This XXL Milka chocolate bar is the ultimate surprise!
Whether you want to congratulate your brother on getting his driver’s licence or let your colleagues know you’re proud of how they tackled that difficult presentation, this XXL Milka chocolate bar is the perfect gift! You can personalise this huge chocolate bar with the name and/or photo of your choice. You could even treat yourself and share with friends and family.
The XXL Milka chocolate bar contains no less than 9 bars of Milka chocolate in various flavours. Creating your personalised Milka bar is easy. Simply add the name and/or photo of your choice in the Editor, and add the perfect finishing touch with a personal message. We will then print your design onto the packaging, picture-perfect and in full colour. Create your unique XXL Milka bar now!
If you are interested in placing a large order, please contact our business department for further information.