XXL Mentos – Mint

21 £



Who will you surprise with this big, refreshing personalised XXL Mentos?
Who will you surprise with this huge XXL Mentos gift? Very refreshing and truly unique, as you can personalise the XXL Mentos by adding the photo, name or text of your choice. A perfect gift for any occasion, the possibilities are endless. Great gift for a graduation, birthday or as a thank you. Or you could treat yourself, so you don’t have to share!
Your personalised XXL Mentos includes no less than 21 Mentos rolls with a mint flavour. Personalising the outside of the XXL Mentos is easy. Simply add the photo, name and/or text of your choice in the Editor. We will then print your design, picture perfect and in full colour, and attach this to the XXL Mentos. Create yours now!
This XXL Mentos is also suitable for business purposes. Contact our business department for further information.