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Personalised vodka gift – YourSurprise – Printed label

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A delicious bottle of YourSurprise vodka with personalised label is the very best drink-themed gift
Is your best friend’s signature drink a vodka based mixer? Or is your favourite colleague a vodka connoisseur? Then this personalised bottle of vodka is the ultimate gift! You can personalise the label on the bottle yourself by adding the photo or text of your choice to create a special surprise for any occasion in no time at all. Great for a birthday, as a thank you, for a graduation or just because. You could also treat yourself, of course!
This tasty vodka has been developed especially for and by YourSurprise, making the taste truly unique, which is something we are proud of. You can add a personal touch to the luxurious glass bottle by personalising the label. Simply add your favourite photo(s) and/or text to one of the stylish designs. Or get creative and upload your own design. We will then print your design onto the label, razor-sharp and in full colour. Create your vodka gift now!
Interested in ordering larger quantities? Please contact our business department for further information.