Verkade gift box – General – 2 bars




There’s always a good reason to surprise someone with a Verkade gift box!
Sometimes you just want to let someone know just how much they mean to you. This Verkade gift box has been designed for precisely those moments! Whether it’s for your lovely mum, helpful neighbour or funny colleague, anyone loves a tasty surprise. The best thing about the Verkade gift box is that you can personalise it yourself, which means you will have a personal gift in no time. This means you can surprise anyone in a unique and personal way. Because let’s be real, there’s always a good reason for chocolate!
The Verkade gift box contains 2 chocolate bars, one dark chocolate and one milk chocolate. Personalising this unique gift box is easy peasy. Simply add the recipients’ name, upload your favourite photo and write a personal message in the Editor. We will make sure to create your gift with care and attention. A perfect way to congratulate someone in person, or by sending it directly to their address!
If you’re interested in placing a large order, please contact our business department.