Uvex Sportstyle 231 V 2204

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About Uvex
Uvex is a sports brand that goes all out! It’s well known for its first-class products, which are suited for the ski slope, cycling, and equestrian sports. We offer a range of quality Uvex ski goggles. Thanks to their sophisticated designs, innovative technology and unbeatable safety features, Uvex ski goggles are your perfect partner for winter sports.
About these glasses The shape of these frames is characterised by a single lens.The frame colour is mostly black, which is an easy colour to wear and remains an excellent and reliable choice for an everyday yet elegant style.The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic.The lens colour is purple, which is ideal for reducing general brightness.The lens colour is yellow, which provides great clarity in low-light conditions. They are specifically designed for cycling. The frame and lenses cover and protect your eyes better than classic glasses and offer more resistance.These frames have an elegant matte finish.On Sale