Tony’s Chocolonely Gift box – Caramel Sea salt

12 £



Surprise them with delicious Tony’s Chocolonely Caramel Sea salt with a personal touch!
This Tony’s Chocolonely bar in a personal gift box is an original treat. This delicious chocolate bar by Tony’s makes a fun surprise for your partner, but is also great to gift someone just because you want to. This chocolate gift box is extra special when a name is added to the box. Smiles are guaranteed with such an original gift – suitable for any occasion!
The Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bar is made of the most delicious Belgian fair-trade milk chocolate. Tony’s strives to offer 100% fair trade chocolate, which means that this bar is not only delicious, it is also fair. Creating your gift box is easy. Simply add the photo, name and personal message of your choice in the Editor. We will then print your design onto the box, picture perfect and in full colour. Create yours now!