Sales stand kiosk christmas stand 3x3m / 28mm

1322 £



Kiosk 300x300cm very robust and durable, including wooden floor, door, window and real glass, manufactured from high-quality Scandinavian fires from responsible forest management, wall thickness 28mm FSC certified, 10 year factory warranty. A Christmas stall for fairs and markets with an excellent price-quality ratio.+ Size: 300x300cm+ Shelf thickness 28mm+ Including wooden floor+ High-quality Scandinavian firing+ FSC certified from responsible forest management+ Factory warranty+ Ideal for Christmas markets, fairs, markets, fairs, events, festivals etc.+ Butting moisture-repellent technology+ Real glass+ High-quality iron hinges and locks.+ ISO standardization+ 10 year warranty+ 18m2 roof shingles available in various colors as an option