Personalised Tony’s Chocolonely gift box – 3-pack – Classic

19 £



Surprise your loved ones with a personalised Tony’s Chocolonely gift box!
If you’d like to support your bestie in their time of need, are looking for a cool birthday present for your sibling or want to surprise your grandparents, you can’t go wrong with this personalised Tony’s Chocolonely gift box. The gift box includes three delicious Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate flavours; milk chocolate, milk chocolate caramel sea salt and milk chocolate hazelnut. Who will you surprise with this tasty gift box?
This portable, rainbow-coloured Tony’s Chocolonely 3-pack is the perfect gift box for any chocoholic. Creating your own personalised gift box is easy! Simply add the photo, name and personal message in our online editor. We will print your design onto the gift box, picture-perfect and in full colour. Create yours now!
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