Personalised glass baubles – Silver (4 pieces)

20 £



Give the Christmas tree a showpiece with a glass Christmas bauble personalised with a name or text
Nothing beats decorating the tree with the most beautiful Christmas baubles! This year, for once, give your Christmas decoration a real personal touch with a Christmas bauble personalised with text. You design these glass Christmas baubles all by yourself. For example, you can choose a fun Christmas message from the (grand) children, or the date of your first Christmas together. Super fun for your best friend, the neighbor or the whole family. And to hang your own Christmas tree full of them, obviously.
The personalised Christmas bauble is made of high quality glass and has a gold-colored crown with string. So you can hang the Christmas balls directly in the tree, in a place of honor. Once you will have created a festive design in no time at all, we will be engraving your creation in the Christmas bauble, with love and precision. So your personal Christmas ornament will really be a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift. Are you already in the Christmas spirit? Start personalising right away, and create a unique Christmas ornament for the entire family!
Christmas baubles for all your colleagues? For larger quantities, get in touch with our business unit.