Nordic Bar Stool – Beech

739 £



Take a seat. Feel the comfort. Let your hands glide over the soft leather and the smooth wood. Enjoy the beautiful details. The SACKit Nordic Bar Stool is far more than just a piece of furniture. It is Danish design, giving your home an exclusive touch with the best quality materials. The stool is perfect for the kitchen-dining room, in the bar or combined with the SACKit Nordic Bar Table.

  • Solid beech wood
  • Functional and timeless Danish design
  • Exclusive leather

          %%% Materials

          • Solid beech wood treated with black lacquer
          • Upholstery: Dunes or Ultra leather from Sørensen Leather
          • Footrest in black lacquered metal
          • Seat: Beech veneer

          Product specifications

          • Height: 68 cm or 73 cm
          • Width: 46 cm
          • Depth: 33.5 cm
          • Weight: approx. 6.5 kg

            Please note: Since the bar stool is made of a natural material, each frame will be unique. They will naturally vary in color and texture. Knots can occur as a natural part of the tree. Care and cleaning The frame is easy to clean with a damp cloth, if necessary with a little detergent. Be careful not to expose the wood to large amounts of water or chemical-containing detergents as this may damage it. %%% Which height should I choose? We recommend the bar stool in height 68cm for tables up to 99cm and anything above this we recommend the bar stool with a height 73cm Are all bar stools the same? No, the chairs are unique as the wood is made of solid beech wood. Which leather should I choose? The Dunes leather is unique and gets a patinated look over time and is soft to the touch. Ultra is very uniform in the leather and is easy to maintain. How do I clean the bar stool? If you have a Dunes bar stool, we recommend that you clean it with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. The ultra bar stool has to be cleaned with a damp cloth. It’s important not to use cleaning agents as this damages the leather. Is there a chair with a backrest? No, the bar stool is designed so that you sit comfortably without a backrest How is the wood treated? The wood is treated with black varnish, so maintenance is super easy

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