Marmitek Power SI Smart Plug with USB 3-pack

80 £



Your devices, but smarter
Make your current devices smart with the Power SI Smart Plugs. Connect any device in your home to one of these smart plugs, and turn the device on or off with your smartphone. Unlike the Power SE, the Power SI plugs feature two integrated USB ports (on each plug) for charging your mobile devices.
Smart features
In the Smart Me app on your phone, you can set timers for the connected device to switch on or off automatically. The Power SI smart plugs support voice control through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Please note that you must own a Google or Amazon smart speaker to use this feature.
Good to know
The Marmitek smart plugs work without any bridge or hub. All you need is the smart plug, the Smart Me app and a stable wifi connection. The Power SI smart plugs have an on/off-button built in, so you can turn the smart plugs on or off without your smartphone as well.