Grandma’s wooden heart

10 £



Surprise your beloved grandma with a wooden heart with her name engraved into it!
How lovely would it be to give your grandma a gift that reminds her how much her favourite grandchildren love her, every single day? Give her this wonderful wooden heat which you can engrave with a name, text or beautiful design. Your grandma can give her personalised wooden heart a nice place in the house by hanging it up or standing it up. It is the perfect gift for her birthday, to surprise her on National Grandparents Day or for no reason in particular. With this lovely wooden heart with your message engraved into it, your grandma will always have you close to her heart.
The wooden heart is made out of solid wood with a tough whitewash layer. This makes your engraved design look even more beautiful! Your personalised heart for grandma has a smooth finish so does not have any sharp edges. Your grandma can also find the perfect place for it, thanks to the handy string you can hang the personalised heart up on the wall in no no time. Quick, start making a personalised wooden heart for grandma now!