Grandma keychain




Keep your grandma close with this personalised photo keychain!
Do you get on really well with your grandma and wish you could see her more often? From now on, you can always be closer to grandma with this special keychain. You can upload the best photo of you two together, a photo of all the grandchildren or even a small drawing for grandma. We then put this onto the keychain with love, how lovely! You could surprise your grandma with this gift any day of the year, but it is extra special if you surprise her with it on her birthday or on National Grandparents Day in June.
The photo or illustration you have chosen is then printed in colour and in the best quality and then placed in the keychain. To make your gift for grandma last even longer the photo is protected by a hardy layer of plexiglas. Grandma will never loose her keys again thanks to this personalised keychain and she will always have her favourite grandchildren close by. So what are you waiting for? Start creating grandma’s unique keychain now!