Godmother tea glass (2 pieces)

15 £



Surprise your godmother with a set of luxury engraved tea glasses!
Do you and your godmother love enjoying a nice cup of tea together? Then you’ll definitely want to surprise her with these gorgeous Royal Leerdam tea glasses. And your gift will have that extra personal touch because you can have them engraved with a design of your choosing. Pick one of the beautiful designs and add the name of the godmother you love so much. That way you’ll turn this wonderful practical gift into a fun keepsake. Complete your gift by also ordering the delicious Milka chocolates gift box for your godmother. Enjoy many more cups of tea and good conversations with your godmother and surprise her with these tea glasses!
This tea glass with name is made by Royal Leerdam and dishwasher-safe. The engraved tea glass is made from high-quality material and has an attractive, clear look. Your design with your godmother’s name will be engraved on the tea glasses with equal parts precision and love. A delightful birthday gift or just a nice way to surprise your godmother for always being there for you. Start personalising now and you and your godmother will be sipping tea together from these luxury tea glasses very soon.