Go 250 + CHARGEit Dock

114 £



The perfect match With Go 250 + CHARGEit Dock you get the perfect combination in beautiful Danish design. SACKit Go 250 SACKit Go 250 is small, easy to transport, wireless speaker that combines sleek Danish design, quality, great sound and the ultimate freedom where you’re free from wires and cables for both charging and streaming.

  • Great Sound
  • Rechargeable
  • Splash proof
  • Stereo pairing
  • Handsfree calling
  • Changeable front

CHARGEit Dock CHARGEit Dock is a wireless charger in a beautiful design. Charge your smartphone wirelessly with 10W Qi Certified fast charge – just place your smartphone on the X, and it will be charged quickly without any need for wires.

  • Qi Certified
  • 10W Wireless Fast Charger
  • Remix fabric from the danish manufacturer KVADRAT
  • Diamond cut aluminum frame

          %%% SACKit Go 250 specifications CHARGEit Dock specifications %%% SACKit Go 250 FAQ Can Go 250 charge wirelessly? Yes, it can easily be charged on a wireless charger like one of our CHARGEit models. How do I change the front on Go 250? Remove the front by loosening it on one side of the speaker. You will find a small space between the front and the speaker frame where you can grab under the front. Then you can loosen the front all the way around and finally remove it completely. Note: The front is thoroughly mounted to ensure sublime sound quality. Can I connect two Go 250? Yes, you can.

          1. Turn on both speakers using the “Power” button.
          2. Press the “Power” button 3 times very quickly to get WOOFit Go X in pairing mode (the indicator light will flash green in correct pairing mode). Do this on both speakers.
          3. The speakers will connect after a few seconds. When the speakers are paired correctly the indicator light will be a constant green light and you will hear a message saying ‘Connected’.

          Can you pair Go 250 with other SACKit products? No, Go 250 can only be connected to another Go 250. Can Go 250 tolerate water? Yes, Go 250 can tolerate splashes of water but remember to keep the power port closed. How loud can the Go 250 play? The speaker can get a party started but if you need to play up a big party we would recommend BOOMit. What is the difference between WOOFit Go X, WOOFit Go and Go 250? WOOFit Go has Bluetooth 4.2. WOOFit Go X has Bluetooth 5.0 and Go 250 has bluetooth 5.0 and wireless charging. Do WOOFit Go X fronts fit on Go 250? Yes, and the same goes for WOOFit Go fronts. Your tunes – your look. How long does it take to charge Go 250? It takes 2 hours. Can I hang up the Go 250? Yes, Go 250 is equipped with a nice string so you can hang it wherever you want. CHARGEit Dock FAQ Am I allowed to use the CHARGEit Dock on an airplane? Yes you are. However, it must have power via USB in the meantime. So you can easily charge on the go and watch a good movie. Can CHARGEit Dock charge my Apple Watch? No it can’t as most smart watches use a different technology for wireless charging. Does CHARGEit Dock work with all types of mobile covers? It works with most covers, but not covers with magnets. Can CHARGEit Dock wirelessly charge my Airpods/Airpods Pro? Yes, it can do that with ease. How many devices can CHARGEit Dock charge? One wireless device at a time – if you need two, you

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