Frank about tea – Engraved wooden tea box with 2 glasses & 3 types of tea

38 £



Surprise your loved ones with an engraved tea box and Frank about tea
If your mum loves her daily cuppa or you enjoy catching up with friends while drinking tea, this luxurious wooden tea box is the perfect gift. The tea box is beautiful and is extra special when you add the name or text of your choice to be engraved on the lid. The tea box is made of 100% European beech wood with a luxurious finish. It’s removeable compartments allow you to add teaspoons, sugar or a tea glass inside!
This gift also includes 2 tea glasses and 3 different Frank about tea teas. Frank about tea is a company that grew from a passion for change in the tea industry. The chain from tea leaf to cup is long, and by the time the tea is available in your local supermarket, it’s no longer fresh, nor can its origins be traced. This led to Frank about tea’s mission to create direct relationships with tea farmers in Eastern Africa and a link to the origins of each and every tea leaf.
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