Double-sided photo keyring – Round




Make your own keyring with double-sided printing!
Do you know someone who just got his or her driving licence and want to give them a thoughtful gift? What could be more fitting and personal than a photo keyring! The great thing about this cool round keyring, is that your picture will be printed on both sides. The frame is made from durable stainless steel, ensuring that your photo gift will last a long time. These personalised photo keyrings aren’t just practical though, they’re also really beautiful to look at thanks to the full-colour printing on both sides. Also a great gift for someone who has recently moved house!
Designing a personalised photo keyring is very easy. Simply upload your two favourite pictures to the handy editor and apply a unique filter. When you’re done personalising, we will create your double-sided photo keyring with love and precision. With a unique round keyring like this, the lucky recipient will surely stand out. So get to it and personalise your own photo keyring.