Dailies Aquacomfort Plus box (30 lenses)

18 £



Product Info Alcon`s Dailies Aquacomfort Plus daily contact lenses contain triple action moisturisers for increased comfort in daily disposable lenses, with a wide fitting range going up to +8.00 and -15.00 they allow more people to experience the comfort and convenience of daily disposable contact lenses. Research has shown that end of day comfort is still the biggest concern for contact lens wearers. Alcon have addressed this problem by using the same ingredients found in artificial tears and rewetting drops PVA polymer, but they didn’t stop there, – using a triple action moisturising system comprising of the compounds PVA, to offer extra comfort, PEG which works with the PVA to allows the lens to refresh and moisten the eye every time you blink and HPMC which is a cushioning agent to provide instant comfort. This is why Dailies Aquacomfort Plus can offer a blink activated moisturising system, offering all day comfort every day. Alcon uses a unique LightStream technology to bring these three elements together offering the wearer quality and consistency for all day comfort with every lens. Dailies AqaComfort Plus are just part of the Aqua comfortplus family, they are available as toric and multifocal lenses. Why Choose Dailies AquaComfort Plus Blink activated moisture technology provides tear film stability even after 16 hours of wear High water content of 69% High range of powers from +8.00 o -15.00 High range of powers from +8.00 o -15.00 Convenience and comfort High levels of wearer satisfaction 4.5* from our customers Can I Switch to Crystal Contact Lenses and Save Money? Enter your current contacts into the ‘Switch & Save Widget’ and find out.