Cobana Hammock incl. Cover & Bag

633 £



The Cobana Hammock can be used outside the whole summer. The Cobana fabric of the hammock is both water repellent and lightfast, making sure that the hammock lasts for years. Cobana Hammock – Alu is a hammock with a stand made of aluminum, and it invites you to relaxation and coziness in the sun with your favorite book and a cold drink. Just lay down and get comfortable in the hammock, which is designed to give you the best comfort. Protect your SACKit Cobana Hammock against wind and weather with SACKit Hammock Cover. The cover is made in waterproof, stretchy materials that are easy to put on and take off. At the top of the cover is a strong elastic that ensures that the water doesn’t pool on the hammock but instead runs down. Spacious storage bag for both the frame and hammock of the SACKit Cobana Hammock. Perfect for storing your SACKit Cobana Hammock outside of the hammock season. Cobana Hammock – Alu

  • High quality materials
  • Water repellent
  • Lightfastness 7-8
  • Hand-sewn stitches

Hammock Cover

  • Waterproof
  • Stretchable
  • Light fast
  • Strengthened elastic at the top
  • Strengthened sides for durability

Hammock Bag

  • 3 rooms for separation of the hammock’s parts during storage
  • Extra enforced materials for extended lifetime
  • Light fast
  • Durable materials

            %%% Cobana Hammock specifications Hammock Cover specifications Hammock Bag specifications %%% Does the frame rust? No it doesn’t as it’s made of aluminum. How many people can lie in Cobana Hammock? The weight limit on our hammock is 150kg, so it depends a lot on the people;) How many kilos can Cobana Hammock carry? Our Cobana Hammock can carry 150kg. How quickly does Cobana Hammock dry? It varies depending on the weather. It dries quickly in sun, heat and wind. If you want to make sure you do not get a wet bum, then we recommend taking it inside during rain. Can Cobana Hammock withstand water? Yes, it can. The fabric is made of the 100% synthetic Olefin material, which can’t become mouldy due to moisture. Can Cobana Hammock be outside the whole year? Yes, it can. However, we recommend that you take it inside through the winter. Does Cobana Hammock fade in the sun? No it doesn’t. It keeps its colour. If Cobana Hammock is outside and it starts to rain, what do I do? Cobana Hammock can withstand water, but you can tip the hammock with so the rain runs off more easily Is Cobana Hammock treated so the water doesn’t penetrate? The cobana fabric is water-repellent because it has a coating on the inside, which ensures that the water cannot penetrate. The fabric is made of the 100% synthetic Olefin material, which can’t become mouldy due to moisture Can I wash the cover on the hammock? Yes, but not in the washing machine. We recommend a cloth with soapy water. Can Cobana Hammock tolerate salt water? Yes, Cobana Hammock can withstand both salt water and chlorinated water. How do I clean Cobana

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