Cobana Hammock Frame

229 £



Cobana Hammock makes it easy and convenient to move the hammock anywhere – catch the sun’s rays or move to the shade; no matter what, you’re guaranteed to relax wherever you wish. Cobana Hammock Frame fits the Cobana Hammock.

  • High quality materials
  • Aluminum

            %%% Materials

            • Aluminum

            Product specifications

            • Aluminum Stand: 292 x 100 x 102 cm (Length x Width x Height)
            • Max weight 150 kg

            ATT: We recommend that you bring your hammock inside during strong wind and stormy weather. %%% Does the frame rust? No it doesn’t as it’s made of aluminum. How many kilos can Cobana Hammock Frame carry? Our Cobana Hammock Frame can carry 150kg. Can Cobana Hammock Frame be outside the whole year? Yes, it can. However, we recommend that you take it inside through the winter. Can Cobana Hammock Frame tolerate salt water? Yes, Cobana Hammock Frame can withstand both salt water and chlorinated water. How do I clean Cobana Hammock Frame? We recommend a cloth with soapy water.

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