Blizzard PCSF702 130

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About Blizzard
Comfortable, fun, and affordable, Blizzard’s range of glasses has something to suit all tastes. Combining innovative designs and great comfort, Blizzard eyewear will please both those who are looking for a sporty look and those who like to wear casual fashion. About these glasses The shape is square, which works perfectly for those with diamond, oval, and round-shaped faces.The frame is transparent, which is a popular trend and will go with any kind of skin complexion and outfit.The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic.These are the ideal sunglasses for sports or outdoor activities.The lens colour is grey, which reduces glare and improves colour perception. The lens colour is orange, which enhances depth perception and improves contrast.The lenses are covered in a mirrored coating, which helps your vision by tempering bright light circumstances.On Sale