Battery 5200 (2 pack) + CHARGEit Dual Dock

195 £



Are you also using your SACKit Light 150s so much that you often run out of battery? And are you tired of putting a dimmer on the mood? SACKit has the solution – two extra Battery 5200. With extra fully charged batteries, you can light up the summer nights and dark winter months for much longer- smart! CHARGEit Dual Dock is a stylish wireless double charger, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. The wireless charger combines cool features and design in world class. Battery 5200

  • Batteries for SACKit Light 150
  • Removable 5200 mAh batteries
  • Wirelessly rechargeable batteries
  • USB-C charger cables is included

CHARGEit Dual Dock

  • Qi Certified
  • 2 x 10W Wireless Fast Chager
  • Remix Fabric from the danish manufacturer KVADRAT
  • Diamond cut aluminum frame

%%% Battery 5200 specifications CHARGEit Dual Dock specifications

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