Avaira Vitality box (3 lenses)

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Product Info CooperVision’s Avaira Vitality™ offers all the great benefits of its predecessor Avaira® and more, offering superior long-lasting comfort and vision quality, plus higher water content and Class 1 UV protection. Avaira Vitality™ is a superior contact lens that provides long-lasting comfort. Being a silicone hydrogel contact lens, plus the use Aquaform Technology Avaira Vitality have a high water content helping to keep the contact lenses and your eyes moist all day, whether you are in an air conditioned building, taking an arid environment holiday or spending extended time looking at digital screens. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be harmful to eyes, with the potential to cause cataracts and other damage. That’s why Avaira Vitality offers Class 1 UV protection that blocks more than 90% UVA and 99% UVB offering greater protection for your eyes. The third generation of silicone hydrogel material used in Avaira Vitality is inherently wettable with no surface treatments, and uses naturally wettable building blocks to improve compatibility between silicone and hydrophilic domains. This, combined with the higher water content of Avaira Vitality ensures high performing, comfortable . Hydrogel contact lenses that minimise or eliminate lack of oxygen related signs and symptoms during contact lens wear. With its convenient two weekly or monthly replacement schedule and soft, flexible material, superior1 Avaira Vitality™ can be a great fit for a wide range of contact lens wearers. Can I Switch Safely to Crystal Contacts and Save Money? Enter your current contacts into the ‘Switch & Save Widget’ and find out. Why Choose Avaira Vitality Contact Lenses Greater protection with a Class 1 UV filter Enhanced with higher water content Superior, long-lasting comfort Superior vision quality, less dryness and easier handling Silicone Hydrogel two-weekly or monthly disposable contact lenses Great for contact lens beginners Great for allergy sufferers Great for people who want to nap in their contact lenses