Air Optix Colors box (2 lenses)

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Product Info AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses by Alcon bring you 9 stunning colour options whilst provide all day comfort and breathability. A silicone hydrogel contact lens containing Alcon’s unique SmartShield ® Technology creating a super thin layer of protection shielding your lenses from irritating deposits, providing high levels of comfort all month long. Air Optix Colors are designed to change the colour of naturally dark and light eyes, with their 3-in-1 colour technology you can have naturally looking eyes of any colour. Available in powers from +6.00 to -8.00 and in plano (zero power or cosmetic contact lenses) so anyone can change their eye colour. Air Optix Colors are daily disposable monthly replacement contact lenses, meaning you can wear them up to 30 days, so no one needs to know you wear coloured lenses, just remember to clean and store overnight. Air Optix Colors provide the following features: ComfortUltra Smooth Surface protects the contact lenses from irritating deposits for consistent all day comfort. BreathabilityThe most breathable coloured contact lenses available, for healthy eyes. Made from Silicone hydrogel, they provide six times the level of oxygen to your eye compared to a traditional hydyogel soft contact lenses. BeautyUnique 3 in 1 technology from Alcon (previously Cibavision), enhances any eye colour for a naturally beautiful and stunning look. Range of ColoursAir Optix Colors are available in 9 beautiful colours designed to enhance light or dark eyes, with a completely natural look. Alcon Labs provide this great Virtual Try On app, so that you can upload your photo, and try on the different colours. Why Choose Air Optix Colors? 9 options to change your eye colour SmartShield ® Technology for extra comfort all day every day for 30 days Silicone hydrogel coloured contact lens Prescription powered coloured contact lenses Cosmetic (plano/zero powered) coloured contact lenses 3-in-1 technology providing realist eye color change