Air Optix Aqua box (3 lenses)

16 £



Air Optix Aqua is being discontinued by the manufacturer. If your powers show on the drop down list, then we still have your power in stock and you can order. The direct alternative replacement is Air Optix Plus Hydraglyde Air Optix Aqua contact lenses are a high quality silicone hydrogel lens, designed for all day comfort. AirOptix Aqua introduces the Aqua moisture system so your lenses remain comfortable all day. Air Optix Aqua triple system: Lubricates A unique moisture agent binds with the surface of the contact lens to create a silky smooth layer that helps the eyelid to glide over the lens for comfort on contact. Maintains Lens dehydration is minimised by incorporating a patented agent into the lens. Sustains Airoptix has a ultra smooth surface with superior wettability and excellent deposit resistance. Each box contains 3 monthly disposable soft contacts in buffered saline solution. Lenses incorporate a light blue visibility tint for easier handling.