Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism box (6 lenses)

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Product Info ACUVUE OASYS® (with Hydraclear Plus) Contacts Lenses for ASTIGMATISM are a 2 weekly Toric contact lens from Johnson & Johnson that provides a greater sense of comfort.Johnson and Johnsons BLINK STABILIZED® design helps to minimise movement of the contact lenses keeping vision clear and stable throughout the day, no matter how active your lifestyle, however the benefits of these contacts does not stop there, the HYDRACLEAR® PLUS technology helps to stabilise the tear film, minimising dryness and maintaining moisture, allowing these contact lenses to be worn comfortably all day. Depending on your lifestyle and health of your eyes you Optometrist can recommend these contact lenses for one week extended wear ( seven days and 6 nights continually ) or as 2 weekly daily wear contact lens. Why Choose ACUVUE® OASYS™ For Astigmatism With HYDRACLEAR™ PlusAcuvue Oasys for Astigmatism are premium contact lenses by Johnson and Johnson designed specifically for contact lens wearers with astigmatism Contain HYDRACLEAR® PLUS technology to minimise dryness and maintain moisture To reduce the effects of dry eyes and irritation whilst wearing contact lenses in dry conditions such as air-conditioned offices, extended screen time, planes etc Clear and stable vision for astigmatic contact lens wearers High UVA and UVB protection Extended wear Toric contact lenses